Are these Success Meets Or Publicity Stunts?

It had become a trend in Tollywood to arrange success meet no matter how bad the movie is. The makers start the event by boasting how good their movie is and what kind of response they are getting from everywhere and how many calls and messages they had been receiving on their phones congratulating them on their success.

Later they go on and share the movie collections (adding extra digits) and say that this is highest ever opening for the hero in his career and then thank the audience for giving this blockbuster hit. If someone stop them in between and say that the movie is getting mixed reviews, the makers counter them by saying that even though minority of the people didn’t like the movie, the majority are in favor of movie which is why their movie is getting tremendous collections and will be standing only next to Baahubali collections.

This is standard template for all the success meets and after these meets are over, the movie would also be removed from the theaters in a week, but if they have theaters under their control, then the movie would be going on in theatres irrespective of the occupancy, just for the sake of collections.

When will these guys realize that there is nothing amusing for a movie to collect 80 crores when the movie was made on a budget of 80 crores, and obviously since big heroes make one movie per year, the first day collection of their every movie will be higher than the movie of that hero released one year back. This logic does not need economics degree to understand but a simple common sense. But as they "Common sense isn't common anymore"