Ashwini Dutt Had Brain Fart @ Spyder

Tollywood producers doing hero bhajana is nothing new for us, However forgotten producer Ashwini Dutt had went one step ahead in the Spyder pre-release event function and commented that Spyder movie would collect thousands of crores after it gets released and not stopping there he even said that Spyder will be playing continuously in theaters for not just for this Dussehra but also for many more coming Dussehra’s as well.

“I think Spyder trailer itself will make 300 crores. I don’t know how many thousand crores will Spyder make in two languages combined. I am also eagerly waiting till September 17th to know that answer. I congratulate Mahesh Babu on his achievement of making the film simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil. He had been planning for this from long time and it had finally happened now with Spyder with the help of great director Arunasalam Murugadoss”

“I would like to say all the best for Haaris Jayaraj, producers, N. V. Prasad and Tagore Madhu, and all my friends. This is like a big festival such as Ugadhi, Sankranthi and Dussehra. Spyder movie will be playing in theatres for not just this Dussehra but also for many upcoming Dussehra’s as well” said Ashwini Dutt.