Award Events Show Unity Among Actors

Watching the recent South Indian Awards Functions, one thing is pretty clear, only the actors who won the awards were in the audience, whereas actors who didn't win were not in attendance. That means, the actors had been told before the start of the event that they are going to win, so that they will attend.

This had become headache for the event organizers as well because without promising the award they are not able to pull a celebrity to the event. Even if they promise the award, these so-called stars are just coming at the last minute of the event and forcing the organizers to give their best actor award first and then leave the event within 10 minutes after posing for the camera.

In addition, if the actors are not going to win the awards, then there is no way they would come to the event and cheer for fellow actors who had won the award. This just shows the unity among the actors, who always boast in front of camera of having a close bonding relationship among themselves. Looks like our actors are good at one thing i.e. acting, both on camera and off camera too.