Bad Phase Still Haunting Gopichand

“Goutham Nanda”, which was very crucial film in Gopichand's career turned out to be another flop venture.  His last there films “Jil”, “Soukyam” and “Goutham Nanda” disappointed him badly whereas his other two films “Aarudugala Bullet” and “Oxygen” had completed shooting but facing many hurdles in getting released.

The actor is currently in Catch 22 situation, where he is not able to escape from the failures from past three years. He even sought divine intervention by conducting yagyas at his home and even visited powerful temples across India to seek blessings, but none of that could change his fate.

If the prestigious producer A.M.Rathnam is unable to release Gopichand’s “Oxygen”, you can understand how serious the situation is. Owing to failures of his past movies, Gopichand had lost his market value and his movies are no longer getting any offers from the distributors and exhibitors. It’s high time the actor should wakeup and get hold of good story that could attract audience instead of focusing on same old commercial formulas.