Balayya's Date Night Gone Viral

Nandamuri Balakrishna had become talk of town not because of his recent teaser release of his upcoming film “Paisa Vasool” but for going on a date with an actress less than his daughter’s age. He was seen with Kyra Dutt (26), who had played a small role in Balakrishna's upcoming film “Paisa Vasool”

Kyra Dutt twitter post had gone viral after she posted a picture of herself with Balakrishna and captioned it as Date night with Balakrishna. “Date night with Balakrishna Garu. A true gentleman & a man with a golden heart. Unconditional love & eternal respect. #NBK101 #PaisaVasool” posted Kyra on her twitter page.

Fans are hurt with the caption and photo posted by Kyra Dutt, as it can been seen that both are having alcohol. Although the alcohol bottle is kept down before taking photograph, it can still be seen at the corner left of the picture. Fans are angry on her saying that she should have edited the picture before posting it on the social media platform as it may damage the hero’s reputation.