Bigg Boss Is Poor Man's Show

When all other television show makers are announcing final cash prize in crores, Bigg Boss Telugu stunned the audience and contestants by announcing the final cash price amount as Rs 50 lakhs. After Jr. NTR had announced the cash prize that the final winner of Bigg Boss Telugu will get, Bigg Boss Telugu contestants looked shocked as they were expecting much higher amount than 50 lakhs.

One of the contestants, Sameer had openly criticized about the prize money by saying that “We all felt sad by listening that prize money is Rs. 50 lakhs. I earlier heard that winner of Bigg Boss Telugu gets one villa + one crore cash + BMW car, but the reality was completely different. Even though contestants get paid on weekly basis, the final cash prize for winner should be much higher as 50 lakhs is very less”

Apparently, Star MAA had invested Rs 45 crores on the first season of Bigg Boss Telugu, out of which the lion’s share of this show’s budget will go into NTR’s pocket. According to the industry grapevine, Bigg Boss Telugu show host Junior Ntr is earning a whopping Rs 35-40 lakhs per episode. People are commenting that if the final cash prize of the show is nearly equal to one episode fee of Jr. Ntr then what is the fun for the final winner in surviving 70 days in locked house and winning just Rs. 50 lakhs