Can Ravi Teja Break This Sentiment?

Tollywood is one such industry in which sentiments play a major role from film launch to film release. Sentiment takes the first place for most of the Telugu movies as there is huge money riding on the result of the movie. One such strong sentiment in Tollywood is not to release any film during “Diwali” as Amavasya had never been profitable for Telugu movies.

Because of this sentiment, only Sankranthi, Ugadhi and Dussehra are always in demand with regards to the release date of the big budgeted films. However, Tollywood top producer Dil Raju and Ravi Teja are now getting ready to break this jinx about Diwali by releasing their upcoming movie 'Raja The Great' on this Diwali season. .

“Usually we don’t release movies in Diwali time. Whereas people in Kollywood and Bollywood don’t have such sentiments and release their movies during Diwali time and made them super hits as well. Hence, me and Ravi Teja want to break that jinx in Tollywood by delivering a super hit film during Diwali season. With the success of 'Raja The Great' film, we want to pave way for other Telugu filmmakers, who are terrified to release their movies on Diwali season. “ said Dil Raju