Can Sunil Bounce Back?

Every actor has a USP (unique selling point) that makes him connected to the audience, who get attracted to that USP and throng to the theaters whenever the actor’s film gets released. Sunil is one such actor who had become popular by making audience laugh and had eventually became the most promising comedian in Tollywood.

When he was getting good comedian roles with mouth-watering offers from Tollywood, he went into completely different direction leaving the job that made him popular in the first place. He turned into hero with SS Rajamoulis’ “Maryada Ramanna” in 2010 and taught that the success of that film had cemented his place as Hero in Tollywood.

But in an industry where there are already dozens of heroes, who are delivering same old commercial plots with comedy tracks, Sunil was pushed to the backbench because of his poor selection of stories that are unconvincing and unsurprising. Audience who earlier switched to Sunil movies for entertainment had later started ignoring him because of his routine stories.

With consecutive flops, Sunil’s market as a hero had slowly diminished and buyers are now thinking twice before investing their money in his movies. Even though he had now teamed up with “Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju” director Kranthi Madhav for his upcoming film “Ungarala Rambabu”, most of the distributers are not showing interest in this film, which is forcing the producer to postpone the film release multiple times.