Celebrities Cheating SIT With Aloe Vera

While SIT (Special Investigation Team) officials are working hard to seize the drug users in Tollywood, the accused celebrities are finding news ways to bypass their drug usage detection. Using their sources from medical industry, drug users are getting hold of drug detox products to get rid of drugs from their body before attending SIT investigation.

Officials had revealed that Tollywood personalities are primarily using two methods, one is Aloe Vera Juice that flushes out the drugs from the body leaving no traces of it whatsoever and other is strong Shampoos and conditioners that penetrates into the hair follicles and erase the traces of drugs.

To counter this drug detection bypassing methods, SIT officials are procuring Anti-doping equipment from sports authorities who usually use the equipment to detect drug usage of the sportsperson. This equipment can perform high precision blood, urine, saliva and hair drug testing. Officials are also looking to use highly sophisticated forensic equipment that can detect drug usage even after 30 days of taking drugs.