Chaitanya & Rakul Feels Bad After Receiving Bricks & Bats

After the vulgar comments of Chalapathi Rao at the audio launch event of Ra Randoi Veduka Chudham saying “Women are only useful in bed” was telecasted, the laughing video of Rakul Preet Singh and Chaitanya soon became viral. Chaitanya, Rakul and Director Kalyan Krishna were shown laughing uncontrollably at the comments of Chalapathi Rao in the video.

After receiving bricks and bats on the lead pair response, they both immediately started damage control by saying they were not laughing about Chalapathi Rao's comment but were laughing about something else. Chaitanya today tweeted saying “Respecting women is a way of life for me.The reactions shown on TV weren't for the statement made.Do I agree with it ?Absolutely NOT !”

And immediately in couple of minutes Rakul also tweeted saying “For people who think @chay_akkineni n I ver laughing at those comments , telecast happens at a 5 mins lag n those reactions ver not for it.” And not stopping there, Rakul even posted a lengthy statement saying she didn’t question Chalapathi Rao yesterday became she didn’t understand what he told.

Twitterati started trolling her saying “Worst coverup, if there is 5 mins lag then the lag would be for whole telecast as well not just for your reactions. Also you always boast yourself as Pakka Telugu girl who can fluently speak in Telugu language, but today you are saying you didn’t understand 3 simple words which Chalapathi had spoken in front of you. Even if we agree that you didn’t understand, you would have known the meaning of that from your co-stars immediately in the event itself. And after Chalapathi Rao had spoken, many people went on to the dais and spoken a lot about movie and even you spoke about the movie on the dais after Chalapathi Rao's comment, so you didn’t even bother to understand the meaning of that all this time?"

“And did it take you one complete day to understand the meaning and respond today after all the criticism on your laughing video? Grow up Rakul, don’t treat us like fools without brains who blindly believe in all the nonsense actor's say. Instead of covering now, if you would have spoken at the same event condemning seriously Chalapathi Rao's comment on women, people would be more than happy to listen to your chatter from next time”