Charan Won Where Allu Arjun Failed

Allu Arjun and Ram Charan had travelled long way in Tollywood from their debut movies. Allu Arjun debuted as hero with “Gangotri” in 2003 whereas Ram Charan debuted with “Chirutha” in 2007. Even though Allu Arjun is 4 years senior to Ram Charan, he is not getting unanimous support from mega fans because of his anti Pawan Kalyan’s statements.

While Ram Charan, despite being junior to Allu Arjun, knows how to get unanimous support from mega fans. He always stood by supporting his babai Pawan Kalyan despite the rumors of cracks in the mega family. He never slipped his tongue about Pawan Kalyan in front of the fans.

Yesterday’s audio launch event of 'Darsakudu' is one such example, where he dealt with fans request maturely. When the mega fans where chanting Pawan Kalyan’s name, he understood their intention and said that he don’t want to talk much about the people who are his heart.

'We do not talk daily about the people we like and respect. We do not talk about our mother daily. Our beloved ones should be in our hearts and not in our words. Although I may not take names often, my family stays in my heart' shared Ram Charan.

With this simple statement, he calmed all the fans and made him closer to them. Hope Allu Arjun takes a leaf out of his cousin Ram Charan’s book in handling the fans requests sensibly going forward.