Dhanraj Asked Me To Meet Him Privately

Diksha Panth, who was recently eliminated from the Big Boss Telugu show had shared her dark experience, which she had faced in Tollywood Film Industry.  She shared one such incident where her costar Dhanraj from “Banthi Poola Janaki” movie had turned into casting couch and asked her to meet him privately after completing the shooting.

“I met Dhanraj during the film shooting of “Banthi Poola Janaki” in 2016. He used to have special interest in me from Day 1. He used to crack unprofessional jokes and always tried to come near me using one or the other reason. Initially, I taught that he is friendly but as time passed by, he used unprofessional gestures towards me and started misbehaving. One day he came to me during the shooting and asked me to meet him personally after completing the shooting”

“I was completely shocked with his invitation and as soon as I came to know about his true character, I started ignoring him. I just used to attend the shooting and go home even though he requested me many times. He kept this in his mind and used it against me during Bigg Boss show. He started propagating badly about me to other housemates, who then started making fun of me and my character. I tried to present them my side of the story but they had already formed their opinions on me and were not even willing to hear my side of the story” shared Diksha Panth