Dhanush, Why This Kolaveri Di?

Some actors after gaining stardom tend to lose patience if things are not going according to their script. We had been seeing such instances where these actors lose their temper during audio functions, fan events, in public, or in interviews. Latest addition to this list is Tamil actor Dhanush, who came to Hyderabad to promote his upcoming movie VIP2

When the journalist asked him questions about his alleged role in #Suchileaks scandal where his intimate photos with Trisha were leaked by singer suchi on her twitter handle, the actor was suddenly taken back at this unexpected question and could not control his anger inspite of being in front of the camera and left from there throwing away his mike saying “This is a very stupid interview”

It all started with journalist asking the question “What’s your opinion on drugs scandal that is happening in Tollywood?” To which Dhanush replied, “My general knowledge is zero”. Next journalist asked another question “Would you talk about the mental agony you have undergone with Suchileaks issue?" Irritated Dhanush replied to journalist saying, “Who said I have undergone mental agony?  I taught we are here to talk about my film, my personal life is personal and I am not answerable about my personal life at all. This is a very stupid interview” and he angrily walked out. After which the media team went and pleaded him to come back and finish the interview.