Director and His Cameraman Fighting For Biopic

Ram Gopal Varma and Teja have known each other from past 28 years. When RGV was directing his debut film “Siva” in 1989, he took Teja under his wing and they both used to roam around the city in a scooter for locations scouting. In fact, the poster designs of “Siva”, in which Nagarjuna was seen holding a cycle chain, was Teja’s idea. After “Siva”, they both again collaborated for another movie “Antham” in 1990 as Director and Cinematographer, however this time their relationship took a severe beating.

While working for “Antham”, Teja could not bear Ram Gopal Varma’s demands and after nearly completing 80% of the film shooting, he informed RGV that he no longer wants to works as Cinematographer for the movie and asked RGV to look for another Cinematographer. RGV asked Chota K. Naidu to shoot for remaining portion, However RGV did not like the work of Chota K. Naidu and bought back Teja by requesting him. This was the way their love hate relationship had been progressing over the years.

But now, both are at loggerheads to direct the biopic of NT Rama Rao. While Balakrishna is behind the Teja’s version of NTR’s biopic, Lakshmi Parvathi is behind the Ram Gopal Varma’s version of NTR’s biopic. As per the insiders, Teja’s biopic is all about the growth of NTR, whereas RGV’s biopic will be focusing on the fall of the NTR. Now the hot topic of discussion in the film industry is, whose version will impress the audience and whose version will become controversial