Duvvada, What Is This Ragada?

Allu Arjun’s 'Duvvada Jagannadham' is not only creating teaser records but also creating controversies. Recently the makers had released the teaser of the song Gudilo Badilo on youtube. While the makers are celebrating 5.5 Million hits on that song, Brahmin community started agitating against it.

The controversy started with the use of the words Nammakam and Chammakam in the song. Brahmin community claim that those words are from Rudhra Stothra used by devotees of Lord Shiva, which should only be used for devotional purposes but maker’s misused it for romantic song.

The hullabaloo started with the lyric of the song which goes like this 'Asaga Neeku Poojale Cheya Alakinchindi Aa Nammakam, Pravaralo Pranaya Mantrame Chusi Pulakarinchindi Aa Chamakam', which had offended Brahmin's feelings. They threatened to stop the movie release and launch of state-wide agitation along with filling court cases if necessary corrections weren’t made before the film release.

When director Harish Shankar and lyric writer Sahithi clarified to the protestors saying that even they are from Brahmin family and will not hurt the sentiments of Brahmin community. The representatives of the community then questioned Harish saying that “Would you also use such devotional words to express your love to the women in your house?"

"There is also a dialogue in your trailer saying “illa muddhullu petestey sabya samajam ki em message idhamani? But when you are misusing devotional words for steamy songs, what message are you giving then?. Instead of apologizing for your mistake you are contradicting us saying that everyone is liking the song and we are getting so many views on YouTube, even if you dance naked you will get lot of views but that does not mean what you are doing is correct