Even Oxygen Director Is Not Happy With The Film

It seems that the issues surrounding “Oxygen” movie is not resolved yet. Sometimes it is the issue with hero and director egos and other time it is the issue with director and producer on budget going overboard and remaining time it is the issue with director and his technicians. By the time all these issues gets resolved the Baahubali part 3 will also be released.

The patchwork of the shooting is still not completed and passing by shots are been shot at various places to get the army background look and feel. It is heard the director Jyothi Krishna is not happy with the shots taken and blasted co-director Galla for not reaching the expectations and taking things lightly.

Meanwhile, AM Rathnam had been releasing bites to the media saying that they will release the movie in May 2016 even before the release of Gopichand’s “Aaradugula Bullet” but going by the things progressing around, the unit is not confident on that happening.  It is sad to see that even the ace producer AM Rathnam is not able to solve the problems surrounding the film release. Also Gopichand is currently in bad phase with his two movies not seeing light and thereby losing his market because of the gap of two long years from his last flop movie Soukhyam.