For How Long Will You Give Same Statement Mr Superstar?

Rajinikanth again gave a statement yesterday during his fans greet and meet function saying, “If God willing, I will enter politics”. Anyone who had been remotely following Rajinikanth knows that the actor had been giving the same statement from past 20 years, both in public meetings as well as indirectly through his movies.

Fans who attended this meet and greet function, expected that Rajinikanth would make a clear statement on his political entry at least this time but they were completely disappointed listening to the superstar's same old repetitive statement.

After the death of Jayalalitha, there has been a vacuum created in Tamilnadu politics and everyone expected Rajinikanth to fill in the gap that was created by Jayalalitha demise. However, Rajinikanth tried to play smart and tried to avoid controversy by giving the unchanged statement that he had giving from ages. Fans are questioning the actor if this is not the right when would be right time for him? As the actor had already completed 66 years and showing his age. They are expecting a simple yes or no answer from the superstar instead of beating around the bush and creating an unnecessary buildup. Hope Rajinikanth makes his fans happy soon.