From Today, Bad Time Starts For Rajamouli!

Telangana political astrologer Venu Swamy, who is well known for his sensational predictions on celebrities from politics and film industry, had made some unbelievable prediction on Rajamouli’s future. He predicted that from today bad time starts for Rajamouli and will continue for next seven years.

“From May 2nd 2017, Rajamouli’s golden period will be completed and Kethuvu Mahardasa starts for him and will continue for next seven years till 2024. During this time Rajamouli will face many hurdles in his life, his life will take extreme turns and his decline starts. His fall can be compared to the fall of director RGV. If Rajamouli can withstand the problems during this time, then after that Sukra Mahardasa will start which will again increase his fame and popularity much more than what he had got previously” said the Astrologer.

Astrologer Venu Swamy had earlier predicted many such events; one among them is, on December 15th 2016 he said Karunanidhi would die in next 15 Days which had been proved wrong. But since film industry people always believe in astrology and take them seriously, this forecast had been a hot discussion among the film circles.