Gopipchand's Mantra’s Are Not At All Working

Actor Gopichand is sailing through rough patch in his career. After the flop of his 2015 Jil movie, his films are not being released. In the past two years, he completed shooting for three films : Aaradugula Bullet, Oxygen and Gowtham Nanda, but none of them are seeing the light due to many problems.

Fed up with these difficulties, Gopichand had also performed Homam at his house on the advice of priests and astrologers.  He sought divining blessings in removing all the bad luck from his life. One who had visited Gopichand’s luxury home in Nandagiri hills, Hyderabad will agree that his house looked more like a temple than a residence. Inspite of doing all this, his luck has not changed much.

Whenever the makers of Aaradugula Bullet are announcing the release date of that movie, a new problem surfaces that in turn postpones the release of the movie. Recently after many postponements, they had announced the release date as June 9, 2017.  And now an NRI named Sahadev filled a case on the producers of that movie, Tandra Ramesh and C Kalyan, for re-payment of 6 Crores loan taken during film’s production. Unless this huge amount is settled, he wants a stay on the movie release. This is again a huge setback for the movie release at the last moment.