Hansika's Bikini Pics Leaked Online?

Some private bikini photographs of actress Hansika Motwani have been reportedly circulating on social media websites from last couple of hours. One of the images shows Hansika sporting a white bikini. She can be seen taking a selfie in a bikini in front of the mirror. But it is unclear when the photographs were taken. These pictures are going viral on internet and are grabbing the attention of many.

While some say that the pictures may be stolen from Hansika’s mobile, others are of opinion that the bikini pictures were released by the actress team itself, as there is nothing wrong in them. This is the not the first time Hansika’s snaps are been leaked to the internet. Earlier, a nude video of a Hansika lookalike had hit the social media and had quickly gone viral. However, the actress soon clarified that she was not the girl in the video.

This time, Hansika Motwani have not yet released a statement regarding the reported leaked pictures. It is unclear for what purpose these pictures were taken or to whom they were sent. Our celebrities have often been victims of leaks of their private moments. While some benefited from it, some ended up being in an awkward situation.