Harish Shankar's Biscuit To PK Fans

In yesterday’s audio launch event of Allu Arjun’s “Duvvada Jagannadham”, director Harish Shankar tried his best to pacify the fans of Pawan Kalyan. It is already known that Pawan Kalyan fans are at loggerheads with Allu Arjun because of his 'Cheppanu Brother' comment. This clash between the two fans groups is clearly visible in the number of dislikes the DJ teaser and trailer had received in YouTube.

It is heard that the director Harish Shankar had requested Allu Arjun to speak something about Pawan Kalyan so that Pawan Kalyan's fans will feel happy and the DJ openings would be good, but Allu Arjun was not interested in taking Pawan Kalyan's name and mentioned the same to the director.

Therefore, our director took control of the situation because in the end, it is his movie that gets affected if Pawan Kalyan fans start a war against “Duvvada Jagannadham”, so he gave a long speech at the audio launch event about Pawan Kalyan saying "After the excellent success of Gabbar Singh. I have met Pawan Kalyan garu and asked him to give an interview to promote the film so that the film would even more successful. Kalyan garu had told me Harish, Success does not leave you calm. It makes you headstrong and it wants you to show it off to the world. In that process, It forces you to do mistakes. When you get a big success, you have to be much more responsible than before”

"But I wasn't convinced with Kalyan sir words and I was trying to convince him. I was asking him to give an interview with me. He asked me then, 'Is the film successful?' I had told him, 'Yes, it's a big success.' Then he had told me, 'If it is successful, why do we have to be seen? That statement from him was the inspiration for the Dj’s dialogue - 'Manam Chese Panilo Manchi Kanipinchali Thappa, Manishi Kanipinchakkarledu”. Need to see if Pawan Kalyan fans will take this Biscuit or not.