How Mahesh’s Family Is Connected With Saaho?

As per the buzz, Tollywood actor Sudheer Babu, who has made a debut in Bollywood with “Baaghi” alongside Shraddha Kapoor, had played an instrumental role in making Shraddha accept the heroine role in Prabhas upcoming film “Saaho”. 

Sudheer had bonded really well with Shraddha Kapoor during the shooting of “Baaghi”. On the top of it, Sudheer, who is professional badminton player, is also giving tips to Shraddha Kapoor, who is shooting for Saina Nehwal biographical film. On the other side, He also has nice relations with Saaho's UV creations producer Vamsi Krishna Reddy as they both are friends from long time and only for this reason, earlier Vamsi had brought the rights of Sudheer’s “Bhale Manchi Roju” for a handsome price.

Since Sudheer has close relations with both parties, it is heard that he played a significant role in getting Shraddha on-board while she was having her apprehensions before signing Saaho and was also demanding huge remunerations that the producers could not pay. It is rumoured that Sudheer stepped in at the last minute and convinced Shraddha in accepting this film by removing all her fears and clinched this deal.