I will Throw Coconut On That Director

After Taapsee Paanu’s comment on director K Raghavendra Rao about throwing a coconut on her midriff during a song shooting created major debate, another actress joined the chorus and blasted Telugu film directors on the way they show women in songs.

British model and actress, Amy Jackson supported Taapsee's point of view and said that all this horrific stories happen only in Telugu film industry and she is glad that she had not worked in Telugu film industry and even if any director does that to her, she will straight way throw the coconut right back at them.

She elaborated on it saying that no one can treat her like that as everyone know what she is and she definitely hates to be the one to have to work with such people who treat women like that. She reinstated that luckily she had not worked with such directors and only got opportunity to work with great directors and co-stars so far.