If She Is Goddesses, Then Who Is God?

Director Puri Jagannath, who was humiliated in public after getting notices from SIT officials on his alleged drug scandal, had started taking ethics class to all the people who were not in his favor during his shameful ordeal. In this process, he not only gave clean chit to himself but also to the his close “friend” Charmy.

“Charmy has no connection with Calvin even though Calvin was spotted at "Jyothi Laskhmi" audio launch. She is not the kind of woman who is into drugs, but a thorough professional and a decent, hardworking woman. She has worked hard a lot to reach where she is today. She is as clean as Goddesses” revealed Puri during his interrogation with SIT officials.

People who heard this were taken back with Puri comparing Charmy with Goddesses. They are also asking Puri to reveal who is the God if Charmy is Goddesses. There is no wrong in saying that they did not take drugs but comparing with gods and goddess seemed little out of context.