Ileana Purchased Audi S5 Test Drive Car?

Cars always had been status symbol for the Indian actors. No matter how small the actor is, their cars should definitely be bigger. Most of them do not want to buy anything except Audi, Mercedes and BMW cars. But what if they can’t afford the car?

Well, they may either buy second hand luxury car or get into a deal with luxury showrooms and manage to get a cheap deal on the showroom test drive cars. Test drive cars are specifically parked at the respective showroom which are mainly used by all the prospective customers before buying an actual luxury car

Since the test drive car is roughly handled by all the customers and showroom employees, showroom cannot sell that car to general customers so they either dispose that car off by selling it for cheap price or send back to the company.

As per the reports, Actress Ileana D'Cruz had got hold of one such luxury car at cheap price which was earlier used for Test drives. She had been recently spotted with her yellow Audi S5 sports back car that costs 80+ lakhs on road, but since this car had been used for test drives by Audi showroom from past one year and was even spotted in many car review websites, she would have ended up with lucrative deal on the car. Well this is called killing two birds with one stone i.e. having luxury car but at discounted price.