I'm Director's Actor, But Conditions Apply!

Samantha had been taking extreme caution while signing her movies. It is heard that instead asking for Hero and character details, the first question she is asking is the location of shoot. Even though she says that she is director’s actor and molds into the character the way the director imagines it to be, but when it comes to locations of shoot, she would require those details before signing the project.

Similar incident had happened again recently, the shooting of her upcoming Tamil film with Sivakartikeyan under the direction of Ponram is currently happening in Tenkasi, where she had again asked the director to only shoot her scenes when the climate is mild and not hot and also requested additional amenities to make her surroundings cooler.

As per the buzz, the reason for this condition is her skin infections that she had been suffering from past 6 years and would not want to aggravate her condition by working in extreme climates. Earlier when her skin condition worsened, she was forced to take 8 months sabbatical break from film industry as her condition require constant medical attention. Her absence from films at that point had become talk of the town and she had personally released the statement about her sickness.

"Yes, I know there has been a lot of speculation about me being missing in action... My low immune system kicked off a series of repetitive infections and made everything go topsy turvy," said Samantha.