Is Chota Always the Substitute Cinematographer?

When you play Cricket, you will keep a substitute who will be the replacement when a player has been injured or if a player can’t play and then the substitute comes in and plays the remaining part of the game and goes away. People in film industry are of opinion that Chota k Naidu had become substitute cinematographer in film industry.

Egos in film industry are not new. Once the actor, director or technician reaches a stage, they try to throw tantrums and rest of the people are supposed to play according to his or her tunes, if that does not happen someone will be fired from the movie.

Similar thing had happened with Jr NTR’s "Jai Lava Kusa". After completing the shooting of two schedules, there had been problems between the director Bobby and cinematographer Muraleedharan C K, a renowned cinematographer who worked for films such as Aamir Khan's 'PK', and eventually the cinematographer was shown the exit door.

Immediately the director had brought in Chota k Naidu on the board and asked him to shoot the remaining part of the movie. Well this is not the first time Chota k Naidu is coming as substitute, he had done the same for lot of movies and the most recent one was for Gopichand’s “Oxygen”, where the major part was shot by the Tamil Cinematographer Vetri and later he left in between due to some as usual problems and Chota k Naidu was brought in to shoot the rest the film.