Jr NTR's Show Is Cheating Audience

Bigg Boss Telugu show was caught red handed while cheating the audience. The show had always maintained the stance that all the contestants should wash their own clothes and they even went once step ahead and gave a punishment to Prince Cecil to wash clothes of all contestants.

Prince even acted as told by collecting all the clothes and then going into bathroom and closing the door. Audience believed that there is no washing machine in the house hence the contestants should do their washing of clothes. Even after winning the luxury budget task, the contestants acted genuinely saying that they should request the washing machine out of their allocated luxury task budget.

Netizens started trolling Big Boss Show after the washing machine was clearly seen in one of the camera angle. Washing machine is nicely hidden in the smoking room and a tray of ashtray was also kept on the top of washing machine to make it look like a cabinet, but if the smoking room curtain is opened then the washing machine is clearly visible. Netizens are now questioning Jr. Ntr on what is the reason behind hiding the washing machine in smoking room. However, as per our sources, the machine in the picture is not washing machine but a dryer that is only used to dry the clothes.