Jr.NTR In Dilemma Over Trivikram Srinivas?

Jr.NTR, who is out of his “Jai Lava Kusa” failure, is now seriously focusing on his upcoming films. For this he had already hired well-known gym trainer Lloyd Stevens and working out with him regularly to get back in shape. However, it is now heard that Jr.NTR is having his doubts on Trivikram Srinivas after the debacle of his latest film “Agnyathavaasi”.

Trivikram Srinivas had received lot of bad comments for the way he showcased Pawan Kalyan in Agnyathavaasi. Even the die-hard fans of Trivikram are not denying the fact that their guruji's direction capabilities were at rock bottom in Agnyathavaasi. Soon these comments had also reached Jr.NTR expressing doubts about his upcoming film under Trivikram Srinivas direction.

As per the latest buzz, Tarak too have expressed his concerns on the hero characterization and asked some clarifications from Trivikram Srinivas and the director is now closely looking into the script to address Tarak’s apprehensions. However, the Assistant directors of Trivirkam are rubbishing these rumors saying that those are regular clarifications which does not affect the base story and reiterated that the movie is right on the track.