Karan Johar's Satirical Tweet On Prabhas?

Bollywood director Karan Johar, who had played a huge role in making Baahubali2 a national success by distributing Hindi version of Baahubali, had now seemed to be upset on rebel star Prabhas, with whom he had been partying all these days. During the promotions of Baahubali2, Karan Johar had revealed his plans on making a straight film with Prabhas. However, things did not go well between them after the release of Baahubali2, due to high remuneration quoted by the Baahubali star Prabhas.

As per the buzz, Prabhas had quoted Rs 20 crore by comparing himself with other Bollywood heroes such as Varun Dhawan (who charges 25 crores), Ranbir Kapoor (who charges Rs 25 crores), Ranveer Singh (who charges Rs 20 crores) and Shahid Kapoor (who charges Rs 18 crores). This did not go well with Karan Johar and he recently had posted a satirical tweet saying “Dear Ambition…if you have to achieve your full potential stay away from your arch nemesis….Comparison!”

Now, fans of Prabhas are angry on Karan Johar saying that, “Prabhas had dedicated his five years of his life to Baahubali, when he was in peak of his career and it is very reasonable for him to cash in on this new success. Karan Johar, who has already benefited hugely by Prabhas last film Baahubali and profited crores of rupees, is now showing his true colors after our hero rejected him on his face.This clearly shows Bollywood's cheap mentality”