Mahesh Babu's Fans Attack On Jr.NTR

Tollywood always had been mute spectator to deadly fan rivalries over the years. Unlike Bollywood, worship of top stars in Telugu film industry had become a common practice. Now-a-days, fans are not just responsible for their star's success at the box office but also are ready to attack rival heroes, who may be competition to their demi-god.

There had been many instances where even fans of one actor attacked fans of another actor at the media events. With the advent of social media, fan clubs have become more vocal now by making sure that their love for their matinee idol or hatred for the rival star is spread across to all the associated groups within seconds.

One such incident had reported recently, where Mahesh Babu's fans planned attack on Junior NTR's upcoming film "Jai Lava Kusa". The whatsapp messages communicated between fans groups of Mahesh Babu went viral in which the members of that group were seen discussing about flooding the teaser of Jai Lava Kusa with as many dislikes and abuses as possible. They had planned this act to take revenge on the negative comments posted for Spyder trailer.