Mahesh's Tight Slap To Fake Success Meets

Lately, it has become a trend in Tollywood to arrange Success Meets for every film that is getting released. The hero and producers are simply following the formula, “Movie is Hit, Arrange Success Meet. Movie is Flop, Arrange Success Meet”. The value of Success Meet had been completely damaged because of these fake meets.

However, one hero said No to these fake success meets. He is none other than Mahesh Babu, who had put his foot down and asked the makers of Spyder not to go for this fake success meets, as the movie did not become hit. Usually Mahesh Babu leaves for a foreign trip after completion of every movie. Even this time he planed a trip to Tuscany, Italy with his family. So producers organized  to have success meet before he left for the trip. But Mahesh Babu said ‘No’ to success meet and left for the trip with his family.

"This is off the record. I don't want to name any particular film or hero, but all I can say is that it has become a bad practice in Tollywood for heroes and producers to arrange these fake success meets. Even the most recent big film that was released along with Spyder received mixed talk but the hero had arranged the success meet and commented on the unanimous success talk he had been getting from audience. Well, when the hero itself is telling blatant lies even after knowing the actual result, what kind of message is he passing to his fans? Is he asking his fans to be dishonest like him?” commented a top producer.