Mumaith Became Most Irritating Housemate

Mumaith Khan, who was not eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu in spite of audience voting, had been getting bricks and bats for her irritating commentary from the secret room. Audience who had been watching last two shows of Bigg Boss Telugu have started complaining that they are unable to watch the show and switching to different channel once camera starts showing Mumaith Khan’s most annoying commentary.

Mumaith had been put in a secret room inside the house by Bigg Boss and has a privilege of monitoring the actions of other housemates through a television in her secret room. Instead of watching the housemates on the TV, she started to give her own comments saying, “I know this will happen”, “I expected this to happen”. Now, audience are fed up with her self boasting remarks and switching off the show just because of her.

In yesterday’s show, Mumaith was given a task from the secret room to play the role of dacoit gang head. Her team went inside of Bigg Boss house and stole all the personal belongings of the housemates. In order to get back those personal belongings, the housemates should perform a specified task against selected individuals, who are picked by Mumaith khan from the secret room. Viewers who watched Mumaith in this episode got headache with her unbearable torture and started trending the tag #EliminateMumaith on social media