One More Shock To Mahesh Babu Fans

Now a days, Mahesh Babu fans are literally on fire if they hear one name i.e “AR Murugadoss”, who promised blockbuster but delivered disaster. Not stopping there, the director recently shared that he wants to make another movie where Mahesh Babu will be the Villain and Tamil actor Vijay will be the Hero.

“I came up with good storyline where both hero and villain have very important roles to play in this film. I want to make this film with two top stars Mahesh Babu and Vijay. In Telugu version Vijay is villain and in Tamil version Mahesh Babu is villain. I have already narrated a story line to Vijay and he liked the story and told me that he is ready to make this movie only if Mahesh Babu agrees for it. I will focus on that after Spyder mania cools down.” Shared AR Murugadoss

Well, this news did not go well with Mahesh Babu fans, who are completely against the idea of seeing their superstar once again doing the same mistake of believing this director. One such angry fan said that, “If Murugadoss would have said this before Spyder had happened, we would have been happy because we taught Murugadoss as genius director who can change the fate our superstar both in Tollywood and Kollywood. But after we watched Spyder, leave Kollywood, our star’s Tollywood market was completely damaged. We request the director to show his creativity on other star’s and leave our Mahesh Babu.”