Only Hot Topic In VVR Is Kiara's Cleavage

Though the movie “Vinaya Vidheya Rama” failed to meet audience expectations, one scene from the movie is creating lot of buzz among the people who watched the film. It is neither hero introduction scene nor eagles running away with villain’s head, but the introduction scene of Kiara Advani, where the director Boyapati Sreenu made sure that the camera is glued to the navel and cleavage of Kiara Advani for 15 odd seconds while she is jogging on a treadmill.

In fact, Kiara Advani’s cleavage is introduced first to the audience before her face. Now, after all the hoopla around Boyapati’s poor direction capabilities in Vinaya Vidheya Rama had settled down, netizens have focused on this scene now and started bashing the director, Boyapati Sreenu, for objectifying the women in a bad way intentionally. Even though such scenes are not new for our audience, but the approach taken by Boyapati is criticized heavily.

While this is also not the first time for Kiara Advani to show ample doses of on-screen cleavage (she had earlier done the same skin show in Hindi web series, Lust Stories), but social media and women activities are now strongly condemning the scene from VVR movie this time. Looks like Boyapati Sreenu is having headache not just with his film’s end result but also for focusing more on women’s assets than actual story.