Pawan Kalyan Fans Vs Mahesh Babu Fans

Siva Balaji had presented a double-edged gold plated sword to Pawan Kalyan in Katamarayudu sets. So far so good, but fans of both actors are debating about what they look in that sword.

While Pawan’s fans are happy looking at the Janasena party symbol on the knife handle. Mahesh Babu fans are happy with their star's upcoming movie title “Sambhavami” printed on the blade. Mahesh fans are saying that if Pawan Kalyan is the handle, Mahesh Babu is the sharp blade that does the actual work, whereas Pawan kalyan fans are debating that no matter how sharp the blade is, if the handle is weak, the blade is of no use.

Maybe even Siva Balaji didn’t expect that his small present to pawan kalyan would spark such a prolonged discussion between two famous celebrity fan clubs.