Quality is Important Salman, Not Quantity

Salman khan, during his upcoming movie “Tubelight” promotions, commented on Baahubali 2 success saying that he does two films every year whereas Baahubali took 4 years to complete i.e. in that four years he had done eight films and if you take the total of all those 8 films he had already crossed Baahubali collections.

“They took four years for 'Baahubali 2'. I'm doing two films every year. So, in these four years, if you compare the collections of my movies with that of 'Baahubali 2' then surely 'Baahubali2's record is broken” said proud Salman Khan

Fans of Prabhas responded to Salman Khan saying “Grow up Salman, Quality is more important than quantity. If based on your logic, “Avatar” is a useless film in front of your “Tubelight” because it took 10 years to complete.  We already have a director called Puri who does films at jet speed but it does not mean he is superior to Rajamouli in any way. As the saying goes, only pigs comes in multiple numbers whereas lion comes alone and conquers everything. Hope you understand now and don’t compare yourself with Baahubali because there is nothing to compare”