RGV Had a Big Fight With Balayya

Previously, Balakrishna and Ram Gopal Varma announced that they would be making a biopic on NT Ramarao. After spending time on story discussions for couple of months, both these individuals parted ways for unknown reasons. While Balayya was the first to release the statement saying that RGV is no longer the director for the NTR’s biopic, RGV took some time and announced that he will be making the biopic on NTR but it would be LAKSHMI's NTR and Balayya will not be part of it.

A close source from RGV’s team revealed, “Both Balakrishna and Ram Gopal Varma met many times to discuss about this biopic. Initially both were on the same page during the story discussions but later differences cropped up between them as Balayya does not want to touch some areas in the biopic such as NTR’s second marriage and political backstabbing by Nara Chandrababu Naidu”

“However, RGV could not agree on that as those are crucial points in NTR’s career and omitting them would make the biopic very bland and the audience may feel bored to just watch the rise of the NTR. Balayya babu disagreed to Ram Gopal Varma’s opinion and stated that he will not be part of the movie if things don’t go his way, to which RGV had straightaway replied that he is ready to make the film with or without Balakrishna. Soon Balakrishna gave a press release saying RGV is not the director for biopic and immediately RGV consulted Lakshmi Parvathi and announced LAKSHMI's NTR”