RJ Bhargavi's Blunder With Sudheer Babu

RJ Bhargavi, who is known for interviewing lot of Tollywood stars in her radio shows, had insulted Sudheer Babu by calling him Sai Dharam Tej at the 64th Jio Filmfare Awards 2017 (South) event yesterday. When Sudheer Babu walked in to the event, RJ Bhargavi stopped him to take his byte about Filmfare awards

She started the interview saying “Ladies and Gentlemen, Good evening and welcome to 64th Jio Filmfare south 2017 awards and here we have Tollywood star Sai Dharma Tej, tell me how does it feel to be on the red carpet?”

Shocked on being called as Sai Dharam Tej, Sudheer babu moved out from the camera and interrupted her by asking "What is my name?" and that’s when RJ Bhargavi came to her senses and covered her blunder. Embarrassed Sudheer babu did not know how to react there and was looking around to see if anyone was laughing at this blunder. Eventhough they had deleted this gaffe from the video later, Tollystar.com exclusively presents to its viewers this funny goof up of the anchor below.

Watch The Video Here