Raabta Wins Case, But Lost @ Box Office

Raabta makers had witnessed both success and failure within a span of one day. Day before yesterday they we were happy by winning the plagiarism case in Hyderabad court filed by Geetha Arts owner, Allu Arvind. And yesterday they tasted failure with the flop talk of their movie from morning show. They could not even completely enjoy the success of winning the court case.

The movie received poor reviews from both critics as well as audience. Most common review heard across the theatres is that “It is a senseless film with boring screenplay and countless loopholes which tests your patience to the extreme”

People have opinioned that even if the Raabta director simply remade Magadheera by copying all the scenes as it is, the movie would have done wonders at box office but since the director had tried to change the story flow as per his taste, the movie had become blunder. Allu Arvind would be the happiest guy at this point of time listening to all the poor reviews of Raabta.