Ram Charan Gets Summer Holidays Because of Samantha

Samantha, who is busy shooting for Ramcharan – Sukumar’s Movie at kolleru lake, suffered sunstroke due to high temperatures in that area. She was immediately given medical assistance and it is heard that she is yet to recover. Doctor had advised her to take two weeks rest. The movie shooting is now stopped for now as most of the scenes planned are on the lead pair and have dependency on Samantha.

The second schedule is planned from the second week of May. The unit is expressing and hopeful that Samantha would recover by that time. If things don’t go as planned then it would be difficult for the movie to get released in September as Dussehra Special.

As the temperatures are soaring everywhere in India, the shooting of most of the films are happening in indoor rather than outdoor. The actors are already demanding for proper air-conditioning systems to be installed, no matter where the shoot happens. In spite of all these precautionary measures taken, it is sad to see that young heroine affected by sun stroke.