Rasna’s Epic Punch On Manchu Lakshmi

VIP culture has always been a controversial topic of discussion in India. Instead of strengthening the healthy democratic values in the country, VIP’s in India always show their superiority to the common man as and when they get a chance. While politicians in the name of security, stop the traffic for hours when they want to roam in the city, other VIP’s who have money try to make inconvenience to common man in the name of special treatments.

The funny thing here is, recently one VIP started protesting about the special treatment of another VIP as if she was supporting the common man. However, this did not go well with netizens, who had completely lambasted that so called VIP, who was in disguise of common man.

Manchu Lakshmi recently got to face the traffic inconvenience and she was forced to spend one and half hour in traffic jam because some politician in Hyderabad had decided to drive on the roads. She immediately posted a tweet expressing her anger on the said politician saying, “I've been stuck around hitex for 11/2hr. Grrrrrrrr. Politicians here should drive like us without protocol to see what we go thru.”

So far everything was good, because she had raised a valid point. However, a twitter user named Rasna immediately countered Lakshmi saying “Exactly our thoughts whenever you visit Tirumala! try having darsanam like us in the queue to see what we go thru while you get away with VIP”

Soon other twitter users supported Rasna and criticized Manchu Lakshmi on her double standards. One such user pointed out saying, “You have mentioned in your twitter page bio as – “Fighter for dignity and equality for all human beings.” But you had always used the special treatment of VIP many times when you had the chance and when you don’t have that option; you are now against VIP culture. This is what is called, Devil Chanting the Vedas. Get well soon Lakshmi”