Ravi Teja Bunked His Own Brother's Funeral

Ravi Teja is not only well known actor in Tollywood but also oldest sibling in the family, however his recent actions had been heavily criticized by the people around him. Even though the relations between brothers are not good, everyone expected Ravi Teja to keep them aside and complete his brother’s last rituals, but he and his family members were no were seen even though everyone were present in Hyderabad.

After the death of Ravi Teja’s Brother Bharath in the car accident, none of the family members came to collect his body except Ravi Teja’s younger brother Raghu. This had raised eyebrows of many people who were present at the Osmania mortuary. Even when the police asked them to take the body, the body was directly shifted to the burial ground instead of taking it to their home. Usually if someone dies, they take their body to their home to perform final rituals and keep it there for some time so that near and dear can come and pay last respects, no matter how bad the dead person is.

However, Bharat body was directly shifted to burial ground and electric cremation was performed like an orphan’s body. Reports claim that there had been big fight among the brothers due to financial matters and the hero was not even interested to keep those differences aside even after his brother’s death and also issued strict orders to the family members to not to go anywhere near the body. It is sad to see that even death could not bring the brothers together.