Saaho Will Be Like

Prabhas, in his recent interview, had revealed some splendid details about his upcoming film “Saaho”. He shared that “Saaho” will be hi-tech film with the story that revolves around latest technological advancements and geeky stuff.

He shared that “Saaho” will not be a science fiction film but rather will be in the lines of “The Dark Knight” and “Transporter” where the hero takes helps of the evolving technology in fighting the crime. He further added that the presentation would be poetic, poignant, and gripping with stunning visual effects and story races ahead with unpredictable surprises

The unit is now getting ready to shoot this film in Europe, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and Mumbai. Prabhas is confident that Saaho would be a perfect competitor to Hollywood action thriller flicks. It is already known that leading Hollywood stunt choreographers were roped in to take care of the action sequences in the film. The movie is simultaneously being made in Telugu, Hindi and Tamil languages