Sai Dharam Tej vs Ram's Judgement

Sai Dharam Tej is facing slump in his career with frequent flops. His last three movies “Thikka”, “Winner” and “Nakshatram” ended up as big disasters at the box office. Now the actor is focusing on the different genre of movies, which he had not attempted till now in his career. As a part of that strategy, he is currently working on two movies one is “Jawaan” and another with Tholi Prema director Karunakaran.

Jawaan is an action movie with a tale of patriotism vs family, where Sai Dharam Tej will be seen in the role of soldier. Whereas the movie with Karunakaran is said to be out and out romantic comedy. Even though Sai Dharam Tej was supposed to do an action film with director V.V.Vinayak after completing the shooting of “Jawaan”, he changed his mind as he don’t want to do two action films back to back as audience may get bored. So he asked V.V.Vinayak to postpone his film for another 6 months until he completes Karunkaran’s film.

Earlier Karunakaran had narrated this love story to Ram Pothineni but the actor didn’t like the story and rejected it. It is heard that the director had made few changes in the hero characterization to suit the image of Sai Dharam Tej and then narrated to him. Sai was said to be impressed with the romantic love story as he didn’t try pure rom-com till date in his career. Need to wait and see whether Sai Dharam Tej's decision of accepting this story is correct or Ram Pothineni's decision of rejecting this story was right.