Samantha Is Now Infecting Her Fans

Samantha Ruth Prabhu alias Samantha Akkineni had been Dream girl, Ghost Girl and now she had turned into Virus Girl and infecting all those who try to download the images and videos of Samantha, which they receive from unknown sources. Hackers are now using Samantha as clickbait to hack into the computers.

A popular antivirus software company had recently released a list of the celebrities that hackers are using to attach a malware and sharing the same with the fans of those celebrities. Out of all those celebrities, from India, the hackers are using Samantha as she had been trending lately in the social media. The hackers are attaching the virus to Samantha’s videos and photos and sharing it across in the social media platform and also through email messages.

When the victim downloads the photos or videos of Samantha, an exe program will be executed in backend without victim’s knowledge. This exe will install a keylogger in the victim’s system and collect all the keystroke’s that the victim type from their keyboard. The exe then mails all those collected keystrokes, which include passwords, to the configured email id of the hacker. So fans, be careful before downloading such videos and images from unknown sources.