Shriya Sends Strong Message With Her Bikini

Shirya Saran, who made her acting debut with the Telugu film Ishtam in 2001, had been in acting profession from past 16 years. She had acted with top actors in Telugu and Tamil languages. However, lately her market had gone down with the influx of new generation heroines from North India. It is very difficult for anyone who used to shoot three films in a day to sit idle without doing any work.

The same thing had happened to Shirya Saran as well. Earlier, producers used to stand in queue to get her dates and now things turned exact opposite where she has to approach many producers to get a role in their film. Despite doing this, she is still not getting good roles which she is looking for.

To spice up things and send out the message saying that she is still in the game of glamour show, she had been releasing her bikini pictures and videos on the social media. As per the latest trend, many young actresses had been sharing their bikini pictures to stay in the page 3 news thereby getting good movie opportunities from film industry. Need to see how much of mileage does Shirya get out of her bikini pictures.