Shruti And Director are Fighting To Release Statements

Publicity is good, but over publicity leads to disasters. The same had been proved with Shruti Haasan’s Sanghamithra. Without even shooting the film, the makers took the film to international film festival - Cannes, and started promoting the movie heavily there with the entire cast and crew. The end result, after they returned from Cannes, the main lead Shruti Haasan, on whom the posters had been designed and displayed at cannes, had moved out of this project.

As this news started to spread out in the films circles, to control the damage, both the makers and Shruti Haasan’s PR team rushed to release press statements saying that they have moved from the project voluntarily due to “Unavoidable circumstances”

Producers of the film, Sri Thenandal Films released the stament saying, “Due to unavoidable circumstances, we are unable to proceed with working with Shruti Haasan in Sangamithra."

Soon Shruti Haasan's spokesperson released their statement saying, "Shruti has, unfortunately, had to take a call not to be part of Sangamithra. Knowing it was a massive undertaking and a long commitment spanning over 2 years, she knew the importance of her training, a comprehensive script and proper date calendar. She hired and started training with one of best combat trainers April onwards to make sure she was ready in time for shoot. Despite her enthusiasm and commitment to Sangamithra, she has had to give the film a miss since she had not received a proper bound script nor a proper date calendar."