Shruti Haasan Made Sexist Comments

Shruti Haasan, whose last film 'Behen Hogi Teri’ released to a pathetic response, but that is least of her worries at the moment. She had been spending lot of time on social media lately, as she does not have any new films in her hand right now. Not stopping at just sharing her personal pictures, she had posted a sexist rant about how women see men with beard and without beard.

Shruti posted a picture on her instagram page which says “How Women see a Man, Without Beard and With Beard” where the men with beard is compared to lion and men without beard is compared to skinned cat.

This didn't go down well with her followers, who expressed their anger and disappointment and asked the actress to tender an apology. Netizens criticized her, saying “We want unconditional apology from Shruti Haasan to the entire men community. Actors should focus their talent in acting skills but not on objectifying men in the name of humor.”

“Just because your boyfriend has beard, its not funny to compare men with shaved look to cats while comparing your boyfriend with lion. If that's the case, even your dad is a cat and most of the men in your family who shave regularly are also cats. If you like bearded guys so much then why are you acting with heroes who does not have beards? At this rate, the top leading actors without beards, or any self respecting actor, for that matter, would not work with you in future, if you have such poor opinion on men”.