Sridevi’s Favorite Answer – No Comments

Sridevi who is busy with promoting her latest release MOM, was asked frequently about why she had rejected Sivagami role in Baahubali. Most of the times she repeated her answer saying no comments but when she was forced to respond to the determined journalists who were pressing hard for her response, she replied off saying that there is nothing to talk about it now.

“That movie shooting had been completed and somebody had played that role and Part 2 of that film had also been released and the movie is also doing good, what should I say about that film now?” questioned Sridevi in her response.

After the revelation of Rajamouli that Sridevi was only concerned about the high remuneration but not the character or the story, a journalist countered her by asking, “What is the important factor which you look for while saying ok for the film?”- Sridevi gave an well-rehearsed answer by saying “It is the script”.

Many who were present at the promotional event were whispering saying that "if that is the case then why she didn’t accept to play the Sivagami role in Baahubali? What better script can she ask for than the meaty Sivagami role? It’s better if actors restrict their acting to on-screen rather than acting everywhere".